Making Money from Gold Has Never Been Easier: Secrets Unleashed

With the price of gold hitting record highs, people are starting to create their own homegrown operations. And it’s never been easier, as an anonymous source mentioned. “It’s turned into a money making hobby that I can enjoy with the family,” our source said. “We never expected that these small gold flakes that we have found would create such and excitement and turn into some extra cash.” “All we needed to do was find a credible source of pay dirt, buy a panning kit off of Amazon, and then watch a few youtube videos to learn.”
While everyone’s results will vary, here are some quick ways to get in on this exciting hobby.

  • First, try out the hobby before investing in expensive sluice boxes. You can buy a test kit that includes all that you need to get started. Based on amazon reviews, we recommend:

  • Understand that there are two types of pay dirt sold. Concentrates (which have been processed for gold before) and Raw. There have been various discussions on what might have the best return, although when you buy Raw you are likely to get larger pieces of gold.

  • A simple search of “How to pan for gold” on youtube will provide great videos like this one to help you learn this exciting and rewarding hobby.

  • Read online reviews and forums about pay dirt companies and buy samples before invest money. Forums like and will

Enjoy the new gold rush experience!

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